It takes a team to keep a horse healthy. A balanced trim and balanced mouth can not do it alone. There are many people and products that Beth Ann uses t0 help create the healthiest possible horse for a client. Below is a list of Beth Ann’s team members.


Pet Wellness Blends

  • Joyce Belcher has created the best Equine Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Blend on the market. The formulas are uniquely developed using research backed ingredients, time tested botanicals, holistic veterinarians, and with a passion for all things organic and whole.

For Love of The Horse

  • The proof is in the horse. Dr. Thomas has created the perfect blends of Chinese herbs that have proven to work every time.  His website is filled with a wealth of knowledge. Don’t forget to mention that I sent you.

Dr. Kellon

  • Do you want more knowledge relating to equine nutrition? Would you like a private consultation?  Check out Dr. Kellon. She is the leading nutritionist on hoof health.

Dr. Getty

  • Feed your horse like a horse! Dr. Juliet Getty is the leading force in people feeding and keeping their horses like horses are designed too.

California Trace

  • Mineral balance is one of the most important aspects of hoof health. This is by far the best supplement ever created next to a customized one for your forage.

Vermont Blend – Custom Equine Nutrition

  • Without testing your hay and balancing accordingly this is one of the best supplements you can provide your horse. Check it out. Feel free to message me with questions.

Hoof Care

Pete Ramey

  • One of the leading people in the international barefoot movement. Pete has paved the way for many. His website is a wealth of knowledge. Dare you to take but your warned you may be there a while.

EasyCare Inc.

  • The leading company in hoof boots. Easycare is innovative and creative always coming out with new and improved boots to aid the horse in barefoot living.

Cavallo Hoof Boots

  • Another wonderful company who creates hoof boots.  Between EasyCare and Cavallo no other boots can compare.

Scoot Boot

  • Hoof boots designed by a farrier that fit a larger fitting range, no cables or velcro, easy on easy off, secure fit, lightweight, low profile, excellent drainage.

Dr. Robert Bowker

  • Dr. Bowker leads the Equine Foot Laboratory at MSU. For more than ten years, his research and clinical work has focused on the physiological function of the equine foot. The research has resulted in new recommendations that are leading to relief from navicular syndrome and other chronic foot ailments in the horse.

Equine Science Academy

  • Looking to learn more about whole horse health? Looking to learn about healthy hooves? Check out the Equine Science Academy.

Progressive Hoof Care Practitioner

  • An educational foundation for Hoof Care professionals and horse owners.

Saddle Fit and Body Work

AE Saddle Fit

  • Audra Evanick McGough is about more than just saddle fit. Audra is about creating a healthy horse. Since movement directly effects the hoof, correct saddle fit is extremely important to healthy hooves.

Dr. Kristin Edwards

  • Completely transformational! Dr. Edwards uses both acupuncture and chiropractic to realign the body. I have never seen better results than I have when I use Dr. Edwards.

Veterinary Services

DeNaples Equine Services

  • Dr. Anne DeNaples and Dr. Emily Bold are strictly equine veterinarians servicing North East Pennsylvania.

Northwinds Veterinary Services

  • Dr. Michael Sheruda and Dr. Maral Avetian is another great veterinary service in North East Pennsylvania.