About Beth


Beth Ann’s Philosophy

Beth Ann’s lifelong passion for horses is what drives her business.  She loves working with horses and their owners to create optimal health. Two of the main parts involved in a healthy horse are hoof care and dentistry. Beth Ann prides herself on her continuing education in both fields and forever being a student of the horse.  Beth Ann’s dedication to the horse keeps her pushing forward. She continues to stay up to date with the newest most innovative techniques, knowledge, and  products.

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Beth Ann’s Story

A passion is something you are born with and Beth Ann’s begin before birth. Being born into a family that loved and rode horses it only nurtured this passion. Since the time she could crawl her parents were putting Beth Ann on the back of a horse. As time went on every Sunday was filled with trail rides. Of course being ponied by her father on his horse until she was old enough to ride on her own.  Trail rides turned into lesson. Lessons turned into competitions. Her childhood revolved around riding horses.  Riding wasn’t her only passion. Beth Ann loved caring for them as well. Feeding, grooming, mucking out the barn and any other chore there was to do. If it had to do with caring for the horse Beth Ann was there to help.

A childhood filled with horses turned into a college degree revolving around horses. Beth Ann graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. in Animal Science with a minor in Equine Science. It was her education from Rutgers that gave her the ability to continue her education beyond graduating.

Hoof care became a significant part of Beth Ann’s life during college. When her horse was diagnosed with navicular disease and the professionals were not giving Beth Ann the answers she wanted, she began a quest to learn as much as she could about the hoof. After reading every research paper she could get her hands on, a friend told her about Pete Ramey’s books and DVD sets. It only took her one weekend to watch 16 hours of videos and read one book. Determination is a  quality that is strong inside her. Next was purchasing hoof care tools.

Throughout her college years she learned how to trim on her own horses and few horses of close friends. Beth Ann caught the hoof care fever. She began attending any and all hoof care seminars and clinics. Beth Ann traveled and spent time with a few select hoof care professionals.

It was in attendance to a hoof care symposium that Beth Ann learned about Neuromusular Dentistry. After spending 3 years riding with a neuromuscular dentist and seeing the effects that dentistry has on the hooves, attending equine dental school was a must. Many years later Beth Ann spends her days working on horses creating optimal horse health through proper hoof care and balanced dentistry. Always being a student of the horse.

When Beth Ann is not working she spends her time on her farm, Falcon View Farm, with her husband and all her animals. Beth Ann’s past times are riding Dressage, hiking with her dogs, snowmobiling and enjoying farm life .